Through my oeuvre, I want to expand my artistic toolbox with a view to ensure the ability of my own artistic language.
As far as my oeuvre is concerned, I have since some time ago gained insights into some basic conditions for my practice. Insights that in some situations make me feel safe while in other situations make me feel more insecure. I now seem to travel into the vacuum that arises when you gain more knowledge in the subject and thus realize that it may not be so easy after all. As stated in my Artist Statement, I am working on communicating through an emotional narrative. I find it exciting to develop this ability. The artists mentioned as sources of inspiration in my Artist Statement will probably influence me in the future as well, but I am worried that this may limit my ability to create my own expression.
My journey continues to identify the punctum before taking the picture and to discover it in pictures that have already been taken. Maybe I can also exclude text in my series in the future.
Like Roland Barthes, I am fascinated by what it is in the image that causes the viewer to be affected more by certain images, while being indifferent to others. Roland Barthes describes in his book The Bright Room the phenomenon of the punctum. I am looking for some small detail to relate to, and which creates an emotional perspective. Sometimes it is just in the picture without me having staged it. A master of this, I think, is Nan Goldin. Identifying punctum is important to me.
I would like to believe that my oeuvre can help me develop my skills as a photographer so that my pictures can communicate with the viewer in a finely calibrated way. Beyond the described vacuum, combined with the fact that there is a punctum that I somewhat master, I want to think that there are pictures that are created and reach the memories of the viewer in a finely tuned way. Pictures that don't scream. Which, regardless of technology, reality and reporting can contribute to an increased awareness of emotion, if only within myself. By developing this silence, I want to refine my ability to reach absolute subjectivity.
Through my oeuvre, I want to be confident in being a completely intuition-driven, "and a non-seeing" photographer.
I have already established that I am an intuition-driven photographer. I am often drawn to circumstances where unplanned things happen, which are therefore impossible to direct. My goal is to know what is going on around me, and in these situations use emotion as a springboard to act with my camera without seeing finished pictures in front of me.
My hope is that my oeuvre can give me so much energy that I leave the vacuum described above and for it to push me to continue the journey.
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